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How did you get over Game 2? 

Truth be told, I struggled.  I was up by 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning and tuned into WFAN as I drove my daughter to meet her high school cross country team.  The first words I heard was, "Why didn't he at least challenge?"  I fell asleep to those words as many of you might have as well. 

In his book, Wait, What and Life's Other Essential Questions, James Ryan challenges us to think deeply about asking and answering questions.  "The wait that precedes the what could be seen as just a useless rhetorical tic. But I think it's crucial because it reminds you (and others) to slow down to make sure you truly understand.  Too often we fail to pause for clarification, thinking that we understand something before we do.  In doing so, we miss the opportunity to grasp full significance of an idea, an assertion, or an event.  Asking, "Wait, what?" is a good way to capture, rather than miss, those opportunities."  

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I said to myself as the pitch "hit" Lonnie Chisenhall on Friday night, "He's gunna challenge."  And when Joe Girardi didn't, I said, "Wait, what?"  I'm curious why Girardi didn't do the same given that both his catcher, Gary Sanchez, and bench player, Chase Headley pointed out the inaccuracy of the umpire's call on the field.  Why didn't he just take their word for it? Why didn't he say as Ryan suggests, "Wait, what?" 
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Ryan suggests in his third essential question, "Couldn't we at least..." "Joe, couldn't we at least challenge?"  Even if we didn't get confirmation, even if we have a chance of being wrong, we still had one more challenge. Why didn't we exercise our one of two right then and there?

As I told the many people I encountered both in person and online, "I am depressed."  I told one person that I think I cried this morning while listening to WFAN.  I didn't have a good workout.  I didn't have good focus at the grocery store, spending way more than I should of.  I didn't have a good day.  And I am still not over it as we head into tonight's game.  At one point I told a fan, "We should clear out all of the leadership in the clubhouse and start anew."  That fan said, "You're the GM.  Who then?"  I'd hire a search firm, much like organizations do when they seek new leadership.  I'd fire Joe Girardi after this series and open a search.  We can't live like this anymore.  I can't live like this anymore.

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Another side of "Couldn't we at least..." is that why did it take so long for Girardi to admit he made a mistake?  He first said he didn't want to break Chad Green's rhythm with the delay of a challenge. Then he said we didn't get confirmation quick enough.  It wasn't until today that Girardi admitted his mistake.  "I screwed up," Girardi said in a news conference Saturday. "It's hard. It's a hard day for me. But I've got to move forward, and we'll be ready to go tomorrow," reported ESPN.

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I am trying to remain positive and say, "Wait, what?  We have one more game to play at the very least. Couldn't we at least give it everything we have?"  I believe the Yankees will but the door is being held open by a very weak door stopper.  The Bombers will have to leave it all on the field.  They will have to give it their all because there may not be a tomorrow for the Yankees in 2017. 

As a wise colleague said to me via Twitter, "A famous man once said "It isn't over until its over."  For God's sake, I hope he's right.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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