Wednesday, October 25, 2017


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"I'm sorry for your loss," said Clay, the nice man who takes a fitness class with me on Monday nights.  "But, you're gunna be dangerous next season.  No one thought you would be this good this year, right?"  And just like that, I got out of my two day funk but it was not long that I started to feel this void in my gut as my mother asked if I was going to "go to the World Series with her and root for the Dodgers."  It was right then and there that I came to the blunt realization that THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN US.

The hit NBC Show, This Is Us, follows three siblings through life by dipping into the past to explain the present.  I am suggesting that the Yankees season take on a similar approach as we watched young athletes become seasoned ones in a post season we will not soon forget.  We watched them grow up in 2017 and develop rituals, routines and a fan base so thick that I wouldn't be surprised if Aaron Judge sells more shirts this post and off season than the World Series does.

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CBS Sports posted this insightful article on Monday that got me thinking about the growth of our Baby Bombers this post season.  "If the Yankees’ young roster felt any heat at all during the playoffs, wait until they hit spring training. All of baseball nation’s attention will beam itself into Tampa with laser-like sharpness. Every move Judge, Sanchez, Bird and their growing ace Luis Severino make will be studied, dissected and extrapolated. They will head into the season as the odds-on favorite not just to participate in the ALCS, but to win it."


The 'This Should Have Been Us' argument, in this light, really goes out the window when you think about all of the work that needs to happen now, or truthfully when the Yankees flied out for the final out of the ALCS.  The pressure is already mounting.  And we will be here to cover it, all during the winter leading up to Spring Training and into first pitch for 2018.  Thanks for letting me air this out with you as we keep close watch on our Bombers who again is on the path toward #28.

--Suzie Pinstripe
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