Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I didn't see this one coming.

This new possible manager candidate comes out of left field.....literally, he used to play left field. Now the Yankees are tied with Jerry Hairston Jr as the newest possible skipper on a seemingly growing list. This list should be called the "Everyone but Joe Girardi" list since it's growing by the day. I don't think anyone even thought about this name...

It has been widely reported that the Yankees new manager will be someone that Brian Cashman has a relationship with already. If that really is the plan Hairston Jr doesn't even cross my mind as a possibility just due to the limited tenure he had as a Yankee. Back in 2009 he helped the Yankees get their World Series ring BUT.....he only played 45 games. Since his days as a Yankee he played on four different teams before retiring as a Dodger and has since been an analyst as SportsNet LA as a pregame analyst.

Photo: New York Daily News
I don't see the big connection there with Cashman, at least not compared to other candidates for the job that have long Yankee ties like Rob Thomson, Tony Pena and especially Joe Espada. If Cashman does prefer to have a manager that he has a relationship with already then Espada sounds like a more obvious choice. He has worked with Cashman in the front office, knows all of the young kids the Yankees have and he is an analytical guy that can help the Yankees in the coming years.

Photo: New York Daily News
Hairston is a third generation major league baseball player so he certainly has baseball in his blood. His grandfather Sam Hairston, father Jerry Hairston Sr., uncle Johnny and brother Scott Hairston were also all major league players along with several other family members who played in the minor leagues. Hairston's experience in both the infield and the outfield could give him an advantage if he does want to transition from commentary to managing since he has a lot of knowledge. His experience could help the Yankees in their youth movement but his lack of managerial experience though could also be a disadvantage considering how deep of a talent pool the Yankees have to choose from.

I guess since I have no personal favorite to fill Girardi's shoes at this point I just don't see anyone as the perfect fit. Maybe I am still in shock over it. I'm no expert, and maybe I am not giving Hairston Jr enough credit. Maybe his younger mindset could give the Yankees new life. It looks like we are behind the times here because I found an old ESPN article HERE from 2013 and he was considered an intriguing name for a managerial role years ago.

Maybe I am just wrong....or not willing to accept any name at this point. Who knows where the Yankees search will lead them as they look for their new skipper. Could it be Hairston Jr? I guess anything is possible at this point.

Stay tuned.

--Jeana Bellezza
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