Friday, October 13, 2017


The Nationals should have won that game last night... but the home plate umpire, and I guess the rest of the umps out there blew a huge call, and now the Nationals are going home.  You see, the inning should have ended 5-4, but that wasn't the case. Instead the ball rolled under the legs of catcher Matt Wieters, clearly a passed ball, but how can you snag a ball under your legs, WHEN THERE'S A BAT COMING AT YOUR HEAD!

Javier Baez swung on that passed ball, but the ball rolled under Wieters legs.  Baez hit Wieters in the head with his bat, ran to first because it was a third strike, and Wieters then threw the passed ball into right field. 2 more runs scored, and just like that, the Cubs were up 6-4. It eventually became 7-4. But I love twitter for this reason.  There are amazing smart baseball people there.

Photo: Jonathan Newton, the Washington Post
Rules are interesting... check this amazing nugget out:

Unreal.  So, technically, because Baez hit Wieters with his bat, he's out.

If none of the runners can advance on this strikeout, that would have ended the inning 5-4. Instead, Nats end up losing... those umps kind of blew the call.

By the way... who knows if the Nats could have won. I suppose they could have... all I'm saying is that kind of play is a game changer... clearly.

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