Monday, October 16, 2017


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I'm pretty excited for Game 3 tonight.  But before all of that... I just wanted to point something out that I missed until today.

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As you all know, the other night, seeing Jose Altuve score from first base on Correa's hit to right field was a blow to the gut.  A lot could be said about that play.  If Correa doesn't try and stand at second base, does Didi's throw hit Sanchez in the glove or would it still be the same outcome? If Judge throws home, do we have a better shot? Am I just being sour grapes?

I think it's the third question...

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That being said, everyone in Yankeeland was ripping Gary Sanchez for that play.  Everyone except for ex-Yankee, Brian McCann.  I found this on ESPN Twitter or something.  I just had to share it, because this is respect in baseball folks.

Root hard tonight Yankee fans... we need to pull out a W. Sure, I still like McCann... but I still want him and the Astros to lose.

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