Monday, October 9, 2017


We said it here on BYB first and all of you hated me for it.  We didn't like the way Derek Jeter came into Marlins Park and fired 4 Marlin icons. And the worst part was, it wasn't even him, it was him directing, David Samson, the outgoing President to do it. We found it spineless and crass. 

We wrote DEREK JERK-ER, and we got heat for it because we verbally attacked you beloved Jeter.  Well... We're right, and even Jeter knows that now...

CBS Sports writes:

"...According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Jeter has reached out to the four franchise icons in an attempt to make amends. Conine, Dawson, and Perez have reportedly been offered jobs as well. From Heyman:

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Jeter reached out to the four men Friday or over the weekend, explaining to them that he didn't believe he could call them until the sale closed (it did so on Friday), and was now giving them a message that was much more positive, and in fact the opposite of what they heard previously. 

The four men, who now could all be back with the team (depending on the role offered, of course), either declined comment or could not be reached. Jeter told them that he'd discuss their new roles at a later date. 

Jackson describes Jeter as "doing damage control or rethinking the situation" after receiving bad publicity for the firings, not only because of the four men involved, but also because he didn't fire them himself. Jeter had longtime team president David Samson, who himself is on the way out, do the firings."

Photo: New York Daily News
It was a foolish move on Jeter's part and Barry Jackson of the Herald is right, this is about Jeter's image and legacy only.  If no one said anything, Jeter would have continued to do whatever he wanted, but here's the problem with that; the Marlins fans have nothing down there but a nice ballpark. Keeping those Marlins and Hall of Famers around is good for business... and they should be kept and built around. 

Trust me, as an owner of the Marlins, there are hundreds of other things he could do to bring in revenue besides firing Marlins players and tying to remove the damn dolphin art display out in center field.

Give me a break...

Just wanted to keep you updated.  Happy Monday.

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