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I hate the single wild card game because it makes me uneasy all day.  Now tonight the plan is to get home, get to my basement, put a few Corona's in the frig, sit with my now 15 year old and watch the Yankees play the Twins.  But I yell a lot in this intense game setting because there's just so much pressure on the players and of course us fans too, who just want a nice win for a team that has given their all this entire season.  The "series", bet of 3, best of 5, best of 7 is so much better than a single game, because you can pivot strategy if need be after you get a look at your match-up each time.  But not in a single game.  It's about the stress of not screwing up and all of that. For me, the fan, I freak out.  It's not that I don't trust the Yankees... I kind of worry about Joe Girardi.

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Joe's done a pretty good job this season, I tip my cap.  But there are those moments where you throw your hands up in disgust, and I just hope tonight he doesn't overthink it and overtinker and rather, just let the team play.  One of my favorites, Kevin Kernan writes this gem about the Yanks and Girardi and about being "themselves"... here's some of that:

"Joe Girardi can be high strung. Joe Girardi can be controlling. He can have a quick hook as Dellin Betances has learned, but the Joe Girardi the Yankees have seen this season is a much different manager than in the past.

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Girardi has let the Yankees play. He has stayed out of the way and has let them have fun. He’s loosened up a bit and as a result these Yankees are a blast to watch. They lead the majors in smiles. Thumbs Down is their thing.

The clubhouse is looser and Girardi has allowed personalities to emerge..."

And all of that is true, but what happens if tonight he starts to micro-manage because it's a playoff game and not a regular season game.  Remember, THIS IS ONE GAME THAT DETERMINES THE NEXT ROUND. You blow it, there is no next round.

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Brett Gardner, the unspoken Yankee captain said this about the Yanks. Love the looseness here folks....

"'I feel good about our chances,' Brett Gardner said. 'I like the fact we get to throw Luis Severino out there tomorrow. He’s been pretty darn good this year.'”

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Love that, and love Severino, but he's young and once again, I go back to Joe Girardi who has an itchy trigger finger and likes to pull guys if they get into a jam.  It concerns me.  Will Joe look at Sevy and pull him too soon? Will he try and relax and like Kernan says, let them play?  Tough to say right now.

Look, in the end, I will be stressed out. I think that's been established here.  And yes, I know ultimately we just have to sit back and watch, but again, the Yankees have had quite a season.  No one expected the playoffs. In fact, we thought maybe next season was the year.  And so, I just don't want it messed up in one game.  Again... it's not the Yankees, I think they can go all the way with what they have.  I am concerned about their manager though.  Not that I don't have respect for Joe, I certainly do.

My worry is he'll tinker when he doesn't have to.  If he sits back and lets the Yankees play, I think we will have a nice outcome tonight.   If he starts cracking open the binder every 3 minutes and making unnecessary pitching changes and late inning pinch hitting, it may sabotage the Yankees chances in this 1 game wild card playoff.  And my Lord, I hope to God that doesn't happen.

Good luck to my Yankees tonight.  I wish you well.  I'll be the fan in my basement surrounded by Yankee memorabilia, washing down Tums with a bottle of Corona.

Go Yanks!

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