Tuesday, October 17, 2017


But it ain't over yet.

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The Yankees needed to break out, and with CC Sabathia on the bump, and our Yankees hitting finally, it was refreshing.

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Games like that are necessary for any fan, because it shows life, carried momentum through a clubhouse and hopefully the wins continue today, with the game started at 5pm.

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Aaron Judge had moments last night where I just had a hunch he'd break out.  I tweeted about it:
Finally, he cranked a 3 run homer and broke the game wide open.  Couple that with a Todd Frazier 3 run homer earlier in the night, and man oh man did it feel good to be a Yankee fan.

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Let me just say something about Todd Frazier... what a great guy... team player, fun, energetic. He is exactly the right veteran you need in that clubhouse.  You add in CC Sabathia and guys like Matt Holliday, you have veteran wisdom.  You gotta hope that's rubbing off on the youngsters.

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I felt bad for Dellin Betances.  This is guy that hasn't really been used too often, then Joe throws him in with an 8-0 lead, the dynamic for a setup man with that lead is much different. He looked uncomfortable. I felt for him, I really did.  And taking him out with 2 straight walks... man he looked pissed.  But look, this is the playoffs... everybody has to be ready... and he wasn't. 

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Tommy Kahnle has been Joe's new tool, and he uses him often.  I hope they don't wear that dude out.

Look, overall I loved what I saw last night.  And there will be more today no doubt.  Sonny Gray is a great young pitcher.

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Here is the problem with Mr. Gray... the Yankees don't give him the run support he needs.  But that garbage needs to take a back seat today.  Yanks need to score and help a brother out.  Because by the end of tonight... we have to be tied in this series... 2 games to 2.
P.S. Someone needs to tell Joe Buck his obsession with Jose Altuve is obvious and embarrassing.  He needs to cool it.


Go Yanks!

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