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Look, I know everyone is ready for some news and I am sure it is coming. First things first and that will be getting Brian Cashman signed to a new contract. He's the one that's going to be making the moves after all. Then we will have to deal with the manager's contract. We are all anxiously awaiting on news for both Cashman and Joe Girardi.

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Speaking of Girardi, New York media is already making a ton of speculations because let's face it....that's what they do if they aren't the first to break the news then they are last. Kind of like George Steinbrenner's philosophy. The New York Post is already making speculations HERE and so are some other less notable places.

There are two philosophies I have lived by in the six years I have worked for BYB: trust but verify" and "look at the source....really look at it once and then look again."

There are just certain sources I KNOW just aren't credible or worth looking into again and today I rediscovered another one that I had forgotten about.

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Yesterday a friend messaged me a link to a story wanting to know if I had heard anything about it. She had sent me THIS and as soon as I read the headline and looked at the "source" (I use the term source loosely) I quickly said no. No offense to Radar. They get a lot of readership, but they follow celebrity gossip and rumors.

You go there for the latest news on Kim Kardashian, not for your sports updates. Go somewhere else....pick almost anything! Look at ESPN, Yes Network, MLB Network hell even the Boston Globe is a more credible Yankees source (barely). Bottom line is, there is no credibility in said headline.

I hate when stories site "anonymous" sources that are "close" to the subject at hand when they are far from being subject matter subjects themselves. Let's face it this guy is no Ken Rosenthal or other big name beat reporter. Look at the author's body of work HERE he's covered everything and everyone from Dog The Bounty Hunter, to Russia's hacked emails and security breaches to Hillary Clinton and oh lookie there....Kim Kardashian! (Total coincidence, I mentioned Kim earlier in the article but that was before I even found the author's story on her. Just helps prove my point!)

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This story claims that once the Yankees got back home Girardi had a meeting with everyone and said that he was being "forced out." Come on....his contract is up at the end of the month. He's not being forced out, his contract is up! He signed a four year deal. The four years will be up. If Girardi was really "forced out" don't you think the New York Post or ESPN would have announced that? How is a gossip site getting that information first? Stick to writing stories on the Kardashians please!

Look, Hal Steinbrenner is still dealing with his raw emotions like the rest of us are. I'm sure we will hear something in the near future. I doubt we will hear anything before the conclusion of the World Series. Hal is a business man. He's going to want to get things done and not procrastinate. We have next season to prepare for after all and he's not going to procrastinate especially after how close we came this year. It will be time to get back to work soon enough....

Until then, check your sources people! We are a good one. If anything happens the real news outlets will let everyone know.....and so will BYB.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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