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I can't remember the last time I was this amped up during the postseason. Sure 2009 was nice but this just feels different. Maybe it's because this team is driving everyone around me crazy after they say we can't win and then we do. It makes me smile and do my own little celebration dance. You would think that baseball fans have figured out by now that you can NEVER count the Yankees out...

Yet up until the Yankees won game 4 all of the baseball experts were still betting on Houston. Baseball analysts on FS1 were still all about Houston, even David Ortiz predicted Game 4 was going to be a "Bronx bummer" and man it feels good to say "HA! You were wrong, Papi!" Has he really forgotten in his short lived retirement gig that you can NEVER count us out? He should know better since he was our enemy for so many years. Of course, yesterday morning before the game he quickly changed his tune and thought the Yankees had game 5. I've said it before and I will say it again....I LOVE being the underdog.

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Over the past week I have only heard about what the Yankees "CANT" do. I've heard it all from the Yankees CANT beat Corey Kluber twice  to the Yankees will choke AGAIN against Dallas Keuchel to the big powers that be in Major League Baseball have already rigged the postseason for a Dodgers-Yankees World Series because that is how they will make the most money.

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Even if you HATE the Yankees you have to admit as a baseball fan we have risen to the challenge and YES, we are good!

Are we a young team?

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Definitely, but just took out the World Series favorite Cleveland Indians and are one game away from eliminating the Houston Astros and heading back to the World Series. Our suspect pitching that analysts said would be our downfall has helped us get where we are and our pitching has been on point. I believe the cliche that pitching wins championships and right now our guys are playing like champions.

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The Yankees are finally seeing the ace they have been expecting for so long in Masahiro Tanaka. He was brilliant in game three of the ALDS and last night he pitched deep into the game and was pretty smooth sailing. He pitched himself into a jam once and got out of it. THAT is the pitcher the Yankees have been looking for all season.You also can't overlook CC Sabathia either because that man has found his renewed pitching youth.

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Speaking of youth....Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have finally found their swings while veteran Todd Frazier has basically been in every postseason rally the Yankees have had!

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It's been a wild postseason ride so far. I just keep thinking that we are ONE GAME away from the World Series. This team just keeps amazing me. It's going to feel like a long off day thanks to all of the anticipation. I didn't think we would be where we are right now....but man am I happy that we are! You can't predict baseball, especially postseason baseball but I am going to continue betting on our guys.

We are coming for you, Houston....and we have our eye on the prize. Rebuilding? HA! We have been built pretty strong already. #Take17.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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