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I needed to go to bed last night. 

I knew that if I started writing as soon as last night's game was over, I'd be angry and that post wouldn't be good for anyone.  And so, I just woke up... and now I feel alittle better able to reflect on a very, very good game. 

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The difference is now I see just how good it was... and I won't harp on the fact that Jacoby Ellsbury is just not my guy.  I appreciate him as a player, but maybe just not on this team.  But I digress... let's talk about the game.

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It was actually an outstanding game if you look at what happened last night.  Just 6 hits by the Astros, 5 by the Yankees.  Dallas Keuchel is just a god.  I am fascinated with this guy, and if he wasn't playing the Yankees, I'd be rooting hard. He's just so good, no doubt about it.

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Masahiro Tanaka was terrific in every way. I know we lost, but he was very, very good and did what he needed to do.  And I gotta tell you something, the Yankees tried to rally for him, but you got a giant in Keuchel on the other side and they just couldn't break him down. That's just good baseball.

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We struggled.  Our big boppers just showed immaturity and lack of experience last night in Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.  That's not me speaking out of turn, that's just an overpowering pitcher owning those guys. Again, good baseball... it's just we as Yankee fans were on the wrong side of it.

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Now, I loved that Judge was able to get around on one and get it into left field, but it was also the inexperience of Bird and his footwork coming around third base and trying to score that was the difference in that play as well.

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If the left fielder is off the mark, Bird's in.  But he was on the money, and Bird with a short step around the bag was the difference, no question about it.  Hey, Bird doesn't have eyes in the back of his head... and you play the percentages in that moment and you try and go for it.  Reality is... he may have scored... and with his homer in the 9th, the game could have been tied up.  But that didn't happen in last night's pitching duel... and you know what? That's the game... as cold blooded and fickle as it is, that IS the game.

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This is a 7 game series folks.  I ain't panicking.  I love this Yankees team and I have a good feeling.
Luis Severino is on the bump today vs. Justin Verlander.  I like our chances.  Yes, the Astros are very good, and it won't be easy.  Ultimately though, I am excited, and will look forward to watching today's game.

If you're a passionate Yankee fan like me... you won't give up.  I know I won't.

Let's root hard today.  Let's help guide our Yanks!

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