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I was as aggravated as you were when Joe Girardi did not challenge the "supposed" hit by a pitch moment that lead to the Indians' defeat of the Yankees, adding stress to the team to win three in a row.  Sure, we eventually advanced to the ALCS, but it was a moment leading to a few days, which Joe Girardi would like to forget.  But a manager's legacy should not come down to one moment; it needs to come down to many moments, many that Joe has had over his 10 leadership tour as skipper for the Yankees.

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Whether Joe comes back to the helm of the Yankees may not come down to his decision-making or over-managing; it may come down to family and dollars.

According to ESPN's Buster Olney as reported in, "I still feel like this relationship has probably reached an expiration date," Olney said. "I do think a tipping point in these negotiations will be what's Joe's looking for. If Joe's looking for a big bump--to be at or at the top of the heap of managers in terms of what they are making--I think the Yankees leadership is at the point where, hey, managers aren't that big in terms of being difference makers. If Joe asks for a huge contract, a huge raise, I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees move in another direction."

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But then, who?  Who could take the Yankees to the next level? "If you want Girardi gone, someone has to take his place. Based on a deep list of candidates, the Yankees could probably come up with 10-15 names to bring into the Bronx for an interview. But would any be truly better options than Girardi?," reports

With the World Series in session, no decisions will be made and Yankee ownership is reportedly not ready to make any right now about Joe or GM Brian Cashman.  We will keep an eye on things here at BYB and post as we confirm news about Joe's future with the Yankees.

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