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Yes.  100% yes.  The title is taking a shot at Jose Altuve.  I'm a big fan of his human interest story.  Yep, outstandingly impressive to think that this guy was told "NO! and don't come back!"...and he did anyway, and in a BIG way.  Sure, he is extremely talented and, like Pedroia, he is showing the Sports World that you measure the player's heart, not height.  I love Jose's game...I just don't love Jose.

I'm guessing that Joe Buck's over the top, sickening, praise of everything he did in the ALCS soured me.  However, it was Altu-D2 himself who got to me with his jacked up antics. 

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I love emotion.  I do.  But an MVP candidate should act like he's been there before.  I don't want to spend too comparing the MIGHTY Aaron Judge to Altu...but, what the hell.  

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Aaron is the epitome of class and handles himself like a veteran leader...Jose seems more like somebody who didn't quite make the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore.  He beats up the beat and puffs out his chest like a clown.  Aaron is the bigger man in more way than one.  I grew tired of him and many of the Astro players early in the series.  The Yankees out classed's a shame there is no stat sheet for playing the game with class.

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Now, this post (ADMITTEDLY) is for the Yankee Fan.  I'm hurting over game 7 and am looking to take a shot at one of the game's best players...ya know what?  Altu-D2 can get bent. 

The Yankees WILL be back.  They will do it better, stronger and BIGGER than the mouthy, little man and his crew of bad haircuts.  Enjoy LA, Jose

Stop in to Fox Studios while you're in town...the next Star Wars movie may need an operator to stuff into a tin can to roll around with BB-8 and R2-D2.

Sorry...actually, no, no I'm not.  His act grew old.

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**What else can you do but play the song written by the guy who wrote "We love LA".  Jose and company will learn that one too.**

  --Mike O'Hara
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