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As you know there is no love lost between myself and the Red Sox.  You probably echo my sentiment.  Adding to our lack of love, we have heard the differing accounts of the iWatch and the sign stealing ways of our New England competitors.  We had our take on the situation earlier this week in the piece THE STANDINGS ARE WRONG, THE RED SOX ARE LOSERS.  The whole incident makes my blood boil as it is a complete disregard for MLB policy.  But beyond this, beyond Big Papi trying to hex our new stadium by burying his jersey in its foundation there was this picture sent to me by my niece, who made her first trip to Fenway last night:

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Now, I understand you want to "Root, root, root for the home team" as the 7th inning stretch anthem suggests, but this is taking things way too far.  @Missy_Orourke, you have committed the Benedict Arnold ultimate betrayal.  You are wearing a key component of the enemy's uniform.  You are selling out.  You are a New Yorker for God's Sake.

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See, I am not about the fair weather fans.  I am not suggesting she is.  But, masquerading as a Red Sox fan to impress whomever you are with is kind of close.  I work in Philadelphia and I have made my New York very explicit with Yankee and NY Giants' artifacts sprinkled about my office.  I am not wearing a Phillies hat and I am certainly not wearing Eagles anything.  I am not taking on a love for the City of Brotherly Love.

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I saw a guy wearing a Cleveland Indians hat walking across the street on Friday.  I asked him flat out, "Are you a Cleveland fan?"  He answered without hesitation, "Yes!"  Okay...fine, you can pass.  But when I asked my son's friend Brian why he was wearing a Texas Rangers' hat around Syracuse University's campus, he said he liked the hat.  No, that's not the right answer.  He's a Pirate fan by the way.


When you choose your team there are two rules:
1. You have to stick with them and
2. You can't wear opposing teams' stuff.

Very simple.  Pick a team and stay with that team, no matter what.  No matter if it's been 108 years since they won a Series or if they are sitting 36 games behind the leader in their division.  You stay the course.  You don't betray them.

At the end of the day, the Boston Red Sox still hold a small lead on us in the AL East and we continue to hold onto a Wild Card spot with a possible home advantage.  We must stay with our team even if they disappoint us.  We celebrate our wins and we lament our losses.  But we own our love for our team and we do not give that love up.  Missy, you are a Met fan and I respect that.  Get that Boston hat off and leave it in a dumpster behind Fenway Park where it belongs.  As for the Red Sox, I hope we catch you but if we don't, we will be back for you next year, same time and I guarantee you, myself and the #BYB fans we represent here will be right there too.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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