Saturday, September 16, 2017


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The Red Sox were fined for stealing signs against the Yankees. That incident happened a while back.  If you don't know what I'm talking about for some reason, I encourage you to read STEALING SIGNS THE RED SOX WAY. That will give you all you need to know about this cheap move by the Sox, but like I said then, I didn't expect much to happen, because sign stealing has been going on forever.  Even Manfred came out a day later and essentially said the same thing, adding that stealing signs was not illegal.  I find that to be crap, but whatever, it's still ethically wrong.

But as I said, the Sox were fined.  But here's the weird thing... so were the Yankees.  Brian Heyman of has the story:

"The Red Sox were caught stealing, and the Yankees haven’t always been innocent, either.
Major League Baseball fined both teams undisclosed amounts Friday, but Boston was fined more. The money is bound for the Hurricane Irma relief efforts in Florida.

The Red Sox’s transgression was for the use of electronic equipment to steal signs from the catcher during a game against the Yankees. It was the Yankees who turned in Boston, filing a complaint backed with video evidence of an athletic trainer viewing an Apple Watch before relaying the information.

The Yankees were punished for improperly using a dugout phone in a previous season."

Now look, the bottom line is that explanation that the Yankees have "done stuff too" is ridiculous. But the fact that the money will go to Irma relief is noble, and if I'm the Yankees I'm asking where to sign my check over to, and then, I double it.  

Whatever the case, that's the end of this saga.  Now we move on.

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