Thursday, September 28, 2017


BYB is not a mouth piece for Topps Cards.  We do however love Topps. And we wrote JUDGE SCORES 7 OF TOP 10 TOPPS NOW CARDS! yesterday, we helped Topps share the following about an offer:

"The latest Judge card is available through 3 p.m. Wednesday RIGHT HERE. CLICK."

Well, since that promotion, this happened...

"Judge 50th Home Run Card Breaks Single-Card Topps NOW Mark At More Than 16,000
Aaron Judge continues breaking records -- and this one isn't even on the field. The Topps NOW card commemorating his 49th and 50th home runs of the season, which was available to fans for 24 hours through Wednesday afternoon, sold 16,138 pieces, the most ever for Topps NOW, the joint venture between Topps and MLB that provides the best images to fans on a daily basis.

The previous high in the two-year history of the program had been Ichiro Suzuki's 3000th MLB hit in 2016 (11,550 cards). Judge's Home Run Derby championship card is third all-time (8997).
The 16K plus cards moves the all-time total sold to nearly 1,000,000, a mark which should be eclipsed before the end of the 2017 season.

Judge's likeness has now been featured on eight of the top 11 Topps NOW cards this year, and on 26 cards total for the season, far more than any other player in 2017."

Judge is a freakin' animal, huh? Congrats to Topps for that.

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