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At least that is what the media wants you to think, especially the New York media. Yesterday's game sucked. It certainly wasn't the ending we wanted to see. Boston lost and it was time to gain some more ground. It didn't happen. Some media outlets think the fat lady has quietly started singing.

Gimme a break. I haven't and neither has BYB. Did Sunday suck? Yes, it would've been nice to end the day knowing that the Red Sox are watching the standings and sweating a little more. Nothing more would make me happy, actually. We don't always get what we want though, but that doesn't mean we give up. We just have to fight harder for it.

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I like when the Yankees beat Buck Showalter and this season we have had good luck against the Orioles. It just wasn't our day. Usually when Sonny Gray pitches the Yankees don't give him any run support and the bats are dead. Sunday he just didn't have his best stuff he wasn't throwing as many strikes, he struggled to keep the ball down low in the strike zone and his pitch count got away from him early in the game. It happens, and Buck capitalized on that and more.

We know Buck is tired of dealing with Aaron Judge so he decided to take a gamble against Gary Sanchez and won. I hate it, but it is what it is and we move on and we live to fight another day.

And that's what this is going to be.....a fight. We don't need to roll over though and just give up. The New York Post says that reality has set in. A reality has set in...but it is not the reality the are writing about. No one said this was going to be easy, but the real reality here is that the last time we played postseason baseball against Dallas Keuchel we were not that team. These Yankees are by far better than what they were two years ago and everyone knows that.

I can tell you who especially knows that....the dirty cheating Red Sox. Not to give any compliments to the Red Sox but they also have a young and talented team. I can't stand the Red Sox but even I can admit that. They have talent too but....they still don't have what WE have.

We are built for the future AND we have three big assets that are going to help us make this chase for a division title even more of a nail bitter.

1) The Yankees have 10 of their last 13 games at home and their last series is against the Blue Jays. The Red Sox on the other hand are on the road until the last week of the regular season AND their last four games are against the Astros. If it is still this close down to the end and the Astros can win those games the Yankees could still come out on top.

2) The Yankees have home run power up and down the lineup. We are tied with the Astros for the most amount of home runs this season at 217. Aaron Judge is a stud, so that certainly helps. The Red Sox on the other hand are tenth at 154 home runs. We can score a bunch of runs in a hurry and as young as we are we still have the fire power. Imagine what that could've been if Greg Bird actually played all season.

3) Yankee pitching has been questionable throughout the season, but even with our weak moments and injuries I have more faith in our starters. Chris Sale may be a Cy Young candidate but he hasn't beaten the Yankees this season and David Price has been a non-factor since he hasn't been healthy.

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Last year's Cy Young winner Rick Porcello is headed towards 20 losses this season. The Red Sox have series pitching problems. A good closer like Craig Kimbrel doesn't matter if your starters can't do their jobs....and we all know how good our relievers are.

There are two weeks left in the season. This fight for the division isn't going to be easy but the Yankees don't have to give up and roll over. The fat lady isn't singing yet. The New York media needs to take a chill pill. The Red Sox haven't hit their magic number yet so it's time for the Yankees to GO BIG while we are at home!

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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