Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Now honestly, the rumor mill can be ridiculous with the New York Yankees, and I am the first the say that I have no idea if this is true and that Judge has a girlfriend. For all we know it's a friend, but my fellow blogger from the #BYBHub threw out a nice nugget about Aaron Judge and this very, pretty woman named Jen Flaum.

Here's the nugget from Krusty Sox Sports:

"Aaron Judge was spotted with a beautiful young lady at the US Open.  She was revealed to be Instagram hottie and Yankees fan Jen Flaum."

That nugget originally came from major publications. We'll choose the New York Daily News who writes this:

A post shared by Jen Flaum (@jflaumy) on

"The Daily News may have learned the cause for the Yankee rookie’s horrific slump in the second half of the season as he was seen at the U.S. Open with a blonde bombshell by his side.
The verdict? WOWZA!"

I didn't write Wowza... the Daily News did! Remember that one!

Now, I am merely posting this story because it could explain a lot about Judge the second half this season.  You remember Mickey in the film Rocky...

"Women weaken legs."

Don't shoot the messenger on this one.

Happy Tuesday.

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