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I think most people would agree (not easy to do these days) things in the world have been better. Yes, they've also been a lot worse, but smiles are in short supply.  There is an odd feeling of hopelessness that is not at all who we are as a nation.  We DO NOT do politics here at BYB, and this isn't a political post...well, not one that takes sides anyway.  I'm merely making a comparison.  The United States of America is much like a successful franchise... like the one that makes it's home in the Bronx, New York.  We are the one people come to watch (even if they aren't our fans).  We've been a winning, small ball club.  We've been a team loaded with pitching.  We've been the club that rakes with massive, powerful bats.  In short, we've done it all.  But we've also, like that famed, pinstriped clad bunch, had lean times.  The thing that brought us back?  It was remembering WHO WE ARE.

This Yankee Club is mirroring our country once again.  They are playing their hearts out.  They are trying to find it every time they set between the lines.  They are trying to be the NEW, New York Yankees, while holding onto the heart of yesterday.  And what do we do?  We call for the Manager's head! We lament the long gone "Glory Days".  We turn on the kids when they hit the skids and Armchair manage the club because we are sudden ALL "experts".

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)
In my opinion, we should turn off all the noise and see the SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET.  This team is a great group of gamers that we should all be behind.  Yes, Aaron Judge is struggling...HE IS A ROOKIE!  He should scuffle.  

Yes, the Kraken needs defensive work...but he too is a kid.  Name a player that came up and never struggled.  I'll wait. 

Go on...

Okay, get back to me...

We as a country and we as a fan base are always too quick to see the negative.  "We can't beat the Sox!"  Um...yes, we can.  This team, believe it or not, is the LAST club anyone will want to see in the playoffs.  They run on energy even more so than talent.  They have yet to hit their stride.  My hope is it's soon, but the ride will be a blast no matter when it happens. 

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We've all lived through slumps, skids and streaks.  They happen in all walks of life.  What sets us a part?  As corny and "T Shirt" slogan as it may sound...

We are the United States of America.  And They are the New York Yankees. 

Hold tight, friends.  We ain't done by damn sight.

** So I'll stay right here on.... **

  --Mike O'Hara
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