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I guess here's another statement I could make too... Is there a Chapman problem? Or is the guy in a rut, just like a hitter would be?  We call that a slump... or maybe he's hurt... who knows.  I do know this... I won't give up on Aroldis Chapman, and for me personally... He's my closer.  You may disagree, and I get it, but for the love of God, he was once one of the most dominant closers in the game.  He's not 50, he's only 29.  Let him work it out. It's a thing he's going through.

From a fan perspective.... there's this:
Love this guy. 

And BYB writer Mike O'Hara tweeted this:

Now I don't like to use the word 'Garbage' with any player.  If they were good enough to get the Pros and stay there, that's not garbage... it takes confidence and balls. Is Chapman overpaid? Yup.  100%... and he's a chump.

Don't worry though, O'Hara and I will duke it out in the streets of the Bronx and settle this... then we'll grab a brew. Because that's what real men do.

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record wrote this of Chapman:

"In the moments after Aroldis Chapman’s latest shaky performance, Yankees manager Joe Girardi basically reserved the right to temporarily take him out of the closer’s role.

'I rethink everything every day, but it’s quite quick after the game,’ Girardi said after Chapman served up a two-run homer to Amed Rosario before 'saving’ the Yankees 5-4 win against the Mets on Tuesday night. 'I haven’t really thought about it.’

Well, Chapman might just be temporarily removed as closer since he’s a candidate to land on the 10-day disabled list, after reporting hamstring tightness. No tests were scheduled as yet, but Girardi mentioned the fears associated with leg issues to a pitcher.

'I’m not even sure which leg,’ Girardi said, though there’s risk associated with both the landing leg and the push-off leg. 'Because you worry about him overcompensating somewhere else and hurting his arm.’"

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And here's the thing, if it is an injury, sure, he goes to the DL and someone else gets a shot, I pick Dellin or DRob, no question.  But in the end, when he returns (if it's an injury), Chapman needs to stay as our closer.

I know many of you don't agree.  But you see this stuff all the time. Here's the difference, because it's so important to Yankee fans with the Red Sox in first, it looks like we're failing, but we're winning, he's just going through a thing.  Everyone relax...
Especially this guy...

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