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You don't make it to the Bigs and then just stop working hard.  You need to continue and never stop, because the day you do is the day that someone will pass you by.

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Now I don't know if that's what's going on with Gary Sanchez, but you have to think maybe he's dogging it a bit because he knows he's the starting catcher of the New York Yankees. I'll tell you something though; Austin Romine has been around for a while now, and just when you thought the guy was gone, through Jesus Montero, through JR Murphy... through Brian McCann... he's still around. Sanchez better wake up.

I love this piece by Ken Davidoff in the New York Post today. Check out some of it:

"'Blocking balls is very important' on a blackboard. While the Yankees are being a tad passive-aggressive with this Sanchez situation, presumably to leave him a trail of crumbs back to prosperity, we haven’t seen Girardi exhibit this level of aggressiveness with one of his Yankees players, let alone a marquee player.

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Since Sanchez committed his 12th passed ball and also oversaw two wild pitches Friday night, in a game the Yankees went on to lose 7-2 to the Indians, Girardi 1) called out Sanchez on the need to improve his defense; 2) started him at designated hitter on Saturday and said he’d return to catching on Sunday; 3) decided to start Austin Romine again on Sunday, without informing Sanchez (according to Sanchez) and 4) put Sanchez through two straight days of rigorous pregame workouts.

'To be 100 percent clear here, I have to improve on defense,' Sanchez told reporters on Sunday, through an interpreter. 'I am not perfect and I understand that. The bottom line is I need to improve.'

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Look, and it's good that Sanchez is under a microscope and admitting he sucks, but now he's gotta put in the work! Move the feet, be aggressive.  The Yankees don't want to give up on him yet, this is clear, but they can't just let him be lazy back there, and that's right, he has been lazy.  He needs to get it together... he needs to be a better catcher... that's the bottom line.  If he doesn't, trust me, I'd gladly take the harder worker here... Mr. Austin Romine, because believe me, he's breathing down Gary's neck!

I love confidence, I love hard workers and I love balls.  Wake up Sanchez, wake up! Romine's gunning for ya!

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