Saturday, August 12, 2017


In case you missed it... here's a quick recap...

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The Yankees sent down Jordan Montgomery to make room for the likes of Sonny Gray and Jaime Garcia and claimed it was a 'limit innings' thing.

Suzie Pinstripe was annoyed... I was more annoyed because I didn't believe the innings limit crap because of the fact that he was going to be starting in AAA anyway.  In other words, how much more rest and less innings would have actually get down there.  Give me a break...

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Then CC Sabathia got a tweaked knee and placed on the 10 day DL.

And now... suddenly JoMo is back in the Bronx!  Make sense? I know... I don't get any of it either.  I do know this... I'm happy he's back. He deserves to be back.

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Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record wrote this about it:

"Jordan Montgomery wouldn’t calculate his personal disappointment over being bounced from the Yankees’ rotation last week, for reasons unrelated to performance. He’s 'just happy to be back’ in the mix for now....

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The additions via trade of Sonny Gray and lefty Jaime Garcia, and Montgomery’s innings threshold - he’s roughly 65 innings shy of the organization’s 180-inning target – conspired against the rookie left-hander, who was optioned last Sunday.

April 11, 2017 - Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America
'Something I can’t control,’ said Montgomery (7-6, 4.05 ERA). 'So, I was going to go down to Triple-A and handle my business, carry myself the right way, do everything the right way and wait for September (roster expansion) or whenever they needed me.’...

'I guess it’s a good thing, they want to take care of me. (But) throwing a baseball is throwing a baseball,’ Montgomery said. 'I would have just as much stress down there in Triple-A as I would up here.’"

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And that last quote is exactly what I was trying to say... he just said it better.  What difference does it make where he's throwing the ball... he's still throwing it... you know what I mean?

The bottom line is JoMo is back!  And I'm thrilled about that.  I hope he sticks around alittle longer.

Nice piece Pete Caldera. Always good stuff!

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