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I have always shared in the opinion that there is a human-error element to the great game of baseball. No one is perfect, umpires are going to make mistakes now and then. That doesn't make them incompetent....unless you are talking about Angel Hernandez. In that case, I say he is incompetent for many reasons but that is just my opinion of course. Now that Instant Replay has come into baseball it shows us a whole other side to the drama.

The past week has shown me now more than ever the MLB doesn't have a problem with blown calls so much as BAD UMPIRE BEHAVIORAL issues. Yes, I said it. The terminology may not be the best but I will stand by it. I get that umpires are going to blow some calls and make mistakes and some will admit their mistakes and I am okay with that.

Heck, Jim Joyce admitted he made a mistake when he blew the final out of Armando Galarraga's perfect game. He even got emotional about it after he saw the video and you could tell he was sympathetic when he apologized. But not all umpires are like Jim Joyce.

Look, the fiasco with the Tigers is still on my mind. The series with the Mariners has come and gone and I am still stuck on the brawl with the Tigers. Am I the only one who still remembers all of the drama started weeks ago when the Tigers played at Yankee stadium? Sure, there were no bench clearing brawls but it set up everything that happened days ago. The Yankees hit Mikie Mahtook twice in the game although unintentionally it still made Michael Fulmer grow a pair and intentionally throw at Jacoby Ellsbury in the hip.

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So fast forward to Thursday. Once again Fulmer is on the mound and he plunks Gary Sanchez in the hip. Really? Another throw to the hip and at the Yankees hottest hitter. THAT MOMENT right there is where the umpires should have stepped in and warned both sides. The same guy throws at us again and the umpires don't realize that no matter if it was intentional or not (whatever you choose to believe) that this could get both sides fired up?

So of course, Tommy Kahnle has to defend his team and decides to throw behind Miguel Cabrera and then Kahnle is immediately ejected from the game and so is Joe Girardi. So no warnings, but let's just eject players. It was the wrong call from the start and the umpires let this get out of control.

So on Sunday there was no brawl, but there was another major blunder by the umpires who ruled against a clear interference play. With one out and a runner on first base, Robinson Cano grounded to Chase Headley at first base. He tried to start a double play by forcing Jean Segura out at second but Segura got in the way of shortstop Didi Gregorius and he was unable to turn the double play. Replays showed he clearly was out of the baseline and was in fact running on the grass (see the play HERE) so Girardi challenged Segura interfered with Gregorius.

Photo: New York Daily News
The call wasn't reversed and when Girardi came out of the dugout to get an explanation crew chief Mike Everitt threw him out. All he wanted was an explanation, instead he got tossed out of his fifth game.

Now I happen to have a lot of respect for Everitt, but the quick reaction to just eject Girardi is ridiculous. MLB has a problem to correct here. The players have codes of conduct to abide by and the umpires should be no different. Fans CAN forgive an umpire for admitting they were wrong but being unprofessional is just inexcusable.

The Yankees have consequences they will have to pay for their behavior against the Tigers last week with their fines and suspensions.....but why not the umpires? Think about it.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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