Saturday, August 26, 2017


Miguel Cabrera was in the center of the controversy the other day when the Yankees and Tigers got into their scuffles.  He shoved Romine first, the benches cleared and he clearly incited violence which led to a ridiculous spectacle and an embarrassment to the game.

He is the beginning of this entire mess.  Now he's squawking that Aaron Judge needs to be suspended too. Why? I have no idea....

The New York Daily News writes:

"Miguel Cabrera, who was suspended seven games Friday for his part in starting the Yankee-Tigers brawls, was upset Aaron Judge avoided punishment.

'My point is, why are they not saying anything about Judge? He tried to hit me, go after me on the floor,' Cabrera said.

'They didn’t suspend him. There was a lot of people going after me and they didn’t get a suspension. ... '(Judge) is going to get away (with it)? And the pitcher who threw at me, he’s going to get away (with it) too, with no suspension? That’s bull(expletive). I’m not surprised (by the suspension). It’s MLB, they do what they want. I don’t have control. But be fair.'”

Be fair? Stop Miggy. You sound like a rookie baby.  You've been around the league long enough to know that what should have happened. What should have happened was you act like a role model and deal with everything the other night like a leader, not a loser. And you didn't. Instead, you had a hot fuse the moment Romine took his mask off and you shoved the dude. WATCH THE VIDEO, YOU'RE IN IT!  You are the reason this whole thing started.

You are the reason you are suspended 7 games.  And you know what? While I have no real faith in the MLB to do much right, I do believe they did what they could to be "fair" as you say with the suspensions.  Gary Sanchez is being punished.  Romine is too, although, last time I checked he was defending himself from you. Look at the image above, you're on top of the dude like he's your prey.

Stop crying... start playing baseball.  Stop bringing Aaron Judge into this... no one cares, but you.

Take your lumps and deal with it.

To my BYB audience... If anyone wants to write Miggy and tell him he's wrong on Twitter, you should do so.  Keep it clean PLEASE... this isn't a pile on. It is ridiculous though.  Here's his Twitter Handle: @MiguelCabrera.

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