Friday, July 21, 2017


Jon Heyman says the Athletics know what they want for Sonny Gray from the New York Yankees.  But he's not telling anyone... probably because he doesn't know.  That's a 'baseball insider' for you... say something slightly provocative, and then a mic drop.  Silly.

But to be honest, Heyman's tweet is nothing new and nothing that important.

In fact, BYB and others have hinted about the idea of Sonny Gray to the Yankees for weeks now with the idea that it needs to be for the "right price"... according to the A's.  (Read READY FOR SONNY GRAY? for example.)

And let's be honest, it's what a baseball fan said after Heyman that everyone is really thinking about. I appreciated this much more:
Now look... the Yankees are in the mix, but other teams may be too, and the A's, who are willing to give away Gray want a lot in return. 

Photo: New York Daily News
It's very possible the Yankees pass, especially if the A's want top prospects.

And we need some of the very important top prospects on our farm. Otherwise, why did we really collect them anyway?

The Yanks aren't looking to win this year.  I mean, if it happens, it happens, but the truth is, they are building for next year.

Everyone relax...

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