Friday, July 28, 2017


I often lose touch with former Yankees only to see them pop up in the news once in a while and I say, "Man, I had no idea that guy was doing that", or, like in the case of Chad Curtis or Mel Hall, (read HERE and HERE) you are just disgusted with their behavior and it's a disgrace to not only humanity, but to the pinstripes too.

I just read this story about Danny Tartabull. I was kind of shocked. TMZ Sports writes:

"Danny Tartabull has finally been captured -- more than 5 years after a warrant was issued for the ex-MLB star's arrest on deadbeat dad charges ... TMZ Sports has learned. 
Oh, and the reason he was caught? DUMBASSERY.

Quick backstory: Officials say the former NY Yankees star -- who played in the MLB from '84 to '97 -- owes more than $275k in unpaid child support stemming back to a 2011 deadbeat dad conviction.

He violated his probation in 2012 and was ordered to surrender and serve 180 days in jail but never turned himself in. A warrant was issued."

Captured? Deadbeat dad? Really? Man oh man, and I thought my buddy's friend's story about his dad almost accidentally hitting Jesse Barfield with his car was nuts.  This one may take the cake.


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