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I love the rumor mill. I have to admit though, I liked the rumor mill more when the Yankees were winning and on a roll. Right now, the rumor mill isn't as fun and some of these ideas smell like desperation and insanity as I read through them. Some of them are just completely crazy!

I was reading a rumor piece from a major news source talking about two pitchers the Yankees should go after. The names weren't new, we have talked about them here on BYB but the trade proposals made to get these guys were new....and rather ugly. The name Jose Quintana still won't go away and Johnny Cueto looks more appealing with everyday that passes, but the Yankees are looking to deal and build for the future and not be robbed which is exactly what these proposals were....highway robbery.

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1) Yankees Gain: Jose Quintana AND Todd Frazier
    Yankees Lose: RF Clint Frazier, RHP Justus Sheffield, RHP Zack Littell, 1B/OF Tyler Austin and SS Wilkerman Garcia.

We've talked about Quintana for months but here's a quick breakdown on WHY we and many other teams are talking abut him. He's attractive because he is cheap, offers team control to the Yankees, he is an innings eater and he's a consistent starter. All things that sound great. However, the proposal made above is not great.

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First of all....I am not trading two young top prospects in Frazier and Sheffield for Quintana. Frazier is a five-tool player and I'm not giving him up for a number three starter. I like what Quintana offers, but not enough to give up a five tool guy who is younger. You can't discredit Sheffield either, this is a guy that will probably be a starter for the Yankees at some point next season.

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So Todd Frazier may make sense on paper. He can play first and third which we all know are HUGE problems for the Yankees right now. Those are the cornerstone pieces in any infield and should be major offensive contributors. The Yankees have not had any luck at first with injury plagued Greg Bird and Tyler Austin and then Chris Carter with his lack of offense, defense and habitual strikeouts. Chase Headley is no better, he just happens to be healthy. Frazier may sound like a guy the Yankees could use but he is also barely batting above the mendoza line. He's not an upgrade no matter how you look at it. Oh and....Austin is injured again so why would the White Sox want him? The logic is missing here.

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2) Yankees Gain: Johnny Cueto
     Yankees Lose: OF Dustin Fowler and SP Chance Adams

We've talked about Cueto before also, and sooner or later he is going to be on the move. The Giants are 22 games behind in their division and he has an opt-out clause waiting for him to exercise at the end of the season so the Giants have no reason to keep him. The Giants are also needing a major influx of young new talent. Their farm system is weak, and the Yankees is just the opposite and we all know what had to happen to give us a strong farm. Knowing that, why give up a strong farm for a rental?

Giving up Adams is a no-go for me. This kid has a future spot pitching on this team and he has been doing well down in Triple-A. Some fans are already petitioning for the kid to be called up to the Bronx despite not logging enough innings down in Triple-A. I'm not giving up a young pitcher with a high ceiling for a short term rental. Not to mention, Cueto has allowed 18 home runs in pitcher friendly AT&T Park. I don't want to imagine how ugly those numbers can get in hitter friendly / short right porch Yankee stadium. Not to mention, the guy is 31 years old and is having his worst season since 2009. It makes no sense to trade the future for a guy like Cueto.

Oh and not to harp again but Fowler has a pretty bad injury. He won't be back this season so that really doesn't make any sense.

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The Yankees need to stick with their plan and build towards the future. Guys like Adams and Frazier are players you build around. The Yankees will have a very strong team with these guys playing for years to come. Do we want to win now? Of course, we are Yankee fans....but we aren't dumb either. We know what we have, and it's much better than the trade proposals above. Some things you just can't make up.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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