Saturday, July 8, 2017


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Suzie Pinstripe's pissed. 

She was at the game last night, and the Yankees lost. And it was almost predicted by Suzie:
Now... moments later... there was this:
And just like that, the Yankees lost another one and all because of Clippard.

Now, I happen to like Clippard. That's me. I believe that the best thing for a player to do when he's in his head is to keep working, try and find a way to get some confidence and over time, they will work out of the funk.  That being said, I believe Clippard's in a dark, dark place right now and he really needs to work on things.  Maybe down on the farm.  Maybe with another team.  Who knows.  I did find it interesting though that Cashman was asked about Clippard point blank. The New York Daily News has that:

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"Brian Cashman was asked by the Daily News if he would consider designating Clippard for assignment, as Clippard was fresh off recent struggles then.

'If I feel that way, that’s what we would do,' said Cashman then. 'It’s never come up. If that’s something we choose to do (DFA Clippard), the only time to talk about stuff like that is after you do it.'

It may be time to think seriously about making such a move after Clippard gave up four runs on one hit in 1.2 innings Friday. Joe Girardi said he still backs his reliever. 'I believe (Clippard) will come out of it and be fine,' said the Yankee manager."

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But will he, Joe? Can he? I mean, we are running out of time here and at the expense of the New York Yankees and their leads, that are suddenly wiped clean at the arm of Tyler Clippard. And while Clippard isn't the only one on the team, he is as of late one of the few, more dependable arms (not right now) that is healthy. Everyone is hurt... everyone.

It's a problem... and I am not quite sure what to do about it.

Maybe the Yanks can get him to turn it around... you gotta wonder if they are hoping that a few days off at the All-Star Break can change the 'bad vibes'. 

Let's hope. But what would you do? Comment.

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