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The Yankees need pitching... and everybody knows how to fix it, even if it means giving all the prospects away. Come on, man! Stop!

Not a fan. Never been a fan, and that's on me.  Maybe I'm wrong, but Cashman didn't collect all these prospects just to blow his load on a few starting pitchers in 2017.  We need them to develop.  It's important to the franchise. Bottom line, this is two-fold.  There's a way to report rumor from a journalist standpoint that's responsible, and there's a way to be responsible from a Yankee standpoint and not undo what you did in 2016 to help a team win... not immediately, but over time. 

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The latest comes from this ongoing rumor that the Yankees are attached to Sonny Gray of the Oakland Athletics.  Now we've heard it a lot. We've even written about it here on BYB. (Read READY FOR SONNY GRAY? for more.)

Here's the Sporting News:

"Could that big move be for the Athletics' Sonny Gray?

Brad Penner | USA Today Sports
It's possible, and the Yankees are certainly interested, but they are hesitant to move their top prospects to get him. Guys like Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres and maybe even a Justus Sheffield may be untouchable, but to get Gray it's likely going to take at least one of them to get Oakland's ace who tossed six innings of one run ball Friday night....

Throw in a Chance Adams, Jorge Mateo and an Albert Abreu and the deal might possibly have some legs. It just depends on if the Yankees want Gray enough, and right now they certainly need help considering the recent injury to Michael Pineda..."

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You know, just give them all away for a kid like Gray who is clearly talented, but not worth the farm. I don't like it!

Look, there is no question the Yankees need help, but we have a plan in place now.  Why ruin it?  No one said this was the season to win the whole thing.  No one.  While we want to win the whole damn thing every year, we need to be realistic.

Giving away the farm for a young starter who could or could not be good for the New York Yankees? I'll pass.  In fact, let's let Cashman handle it.

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