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I think Joe Buck thinks he was hosting ESPN 30 for 30, or the ESPYs or some Fox Sports Pre-game show for four hours during what was supposed to be the MLB All Star Game.  His diarrhea of the mouth during the game, interviewing players who were supposed to be playing in the field, just made last night's game a train wreck.

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According to CBS Sports, "Now that the All-Star Game no longer determines home-field advantage, MLB is free to try new and creative ideas to make the game more interesting."  I am hoping this is not what MLB and Fox think is creative.  Besides players talking with Buck about utter nonsense, Buck proceeded to ask managers about what was happening in the dugout and their strategies for the game.  Really, Joe?  This is not a documentary, it's a baseball game.

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And honestly, Buck knows this is a classic series of the AL vs. NL, a tradition that is 88 years strong. He knows that this is a fan favorite and he has his ideas about how it should be played.  In an interview with the NY Post, Buck gave his insights but he didn't give us a chance to watch the game in peace. "I would require, unless there was an injury, for the starters to get at least three at-bats. There was a time when players were in for the whole game. I would like to see a real game with three, sometimes four, at-bats of the best players in the lineup settling in against pitchers who are prepared to start and pitch normally."

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But the mid-summer night's classic was covered like never before, thick with Buck chatter.  I struggled to stay tuned.  I struggled to do what I have traditionally done for more than 40 years: relax and watch the game and take it all in.

Buck's contract runs out with Fox Sports in 2019.  Maybe he won't come back.  Maybe he will leave us all in peace.  I would like nothing more than for someone to shut Buck up and keep him away from the mic at events like the All Star Game.  I am forever scarred...enough behind the scenes nonsense- call the game.  This is not reality TV- it's baseball.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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