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By now you have probably heard the big story that Logan Morrison is mad that he didn't get an invite to play in the home run derby next week. He is having a good season, actually his best. He's never had the home run production he has this year. Back in 2011 he has 23 home runs for the entire season and here we are half way through the season and he has already topped that. Some may say he's All-Star worthy and he had a good point until he called out Gary Sanchez.

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I get it.

When you have a good year you want to be recognized for it. For a minute, I was actually on Morrison's side. He's tied for third with the most home runs in the AL and got snubbed. It sucks, on paper it says he should get an invite when you compare it to Sanchez and his 13 home runs after missing April with an injury. Aaron Judge got his invitation, and George Springer who is number two in home runs got an invite and turned it down. Then Mike Moustakas the guy he is tied for third got an invite....but Morrison did not.

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Is it fair? No. But is it also fair to attack Sanchez? NO. Like I said, for a minute I completely understood his point until he spoke about it saying "Gary shouldn't be there. Gary's a great player, but he shouldn't be in the Home Run Derby. I remember when I had 14 home runs, that was a month and a half ago." This is where logic goes out the window....this guy JUST DOESN'T GET IT. He makes it sound like he is a consistent home run hitter and he's not. If you average all of his home runs from 2011-2016 he hasn't even hit 20 per season. It's not an insult, it's the truth.

Yes Morrison, you have more home runs then Sanchez does so far this season....congratulations. However, what you don't seem to remember is those 14 home runs come with extensive missed time at the beginning of the season AND those homers come AFTER the Yankees called him up last season on August 3rd and he hit 20 home runs in 52 games. THAT is what people also remember. Sanchez actually tied a major league record for reaching 20 home runs faster than anybody. Rookie sensation Cody Bellinger has since broken that record and he is also playing in the Home Run Derby. Those are numbers that you just can't deny and people get excited about!

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Morrison has a point, he deserved an invite but he misses the bigger picture. The Home Run Derby is about more than just hitting home runs. It's a way for MLB to get people to tune in and watch on a night where the game schedule is non-existent. Other sports are dead for the most part too.

MLB wants to make sure the derby has high attendance at the stadium and gets TV ratings (shocker!) so that means you need star caliber players. That's why you have Giancarlo Stanton returning in his own stadium to defend his title and you have two young Yankees competing too. The youth movement has taken over and not just for the Yankees....again look at Bellinger! The Home Run Derby is not worth watching if the most popular players aren't involved. That's why the Yankees have two representatives and why Morrison on a low-market team is not.

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It's not personal.....but Morrison is a not a star player that people are going to tune in and watch. “I’m not disappointed. It’s par for the course. I play for the Rays. I get it. They can’t even get my picture right. When they put my name up there they put Corey Dickerson’s picture up there on MLB Network. When they put up the home run leaders they put Corey’s swing on there, not mine” read that HERE. It sure doesn't sound like he gets it.

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But one person who does get it is Sanchez. "What can I say? That's something I have no control of. It's not my fault he didn't get selected" and he is right, and that's the only answer he needed to give. Maybe Morrison will figure it out when he is watching everyone else play in the derby.

Keep it classy, Morrison.

--Jeana Bellezza
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