Sunday, July 2, 2017


Mike O'Hara surfaces.... and now he's a big star. That's what happens sometimes and no one deserves it more than Mike O'Hara.

Now we don't talk politics here at Bleeding Yankee Blue... in fact, I never do and it's important to me to not.  For one, when you debate politics, many times it gets heated.  Now couple that with debating politics with faceless readers... and it's a recipe for disaster.  Threats happen... anonymous folks think they can say whatever they want to you... and hate happens, even though they don't know you... doesn't matter.  They attack.

And so, I've made it my mission to NOT do that here.  We're a Yankees fan site.  We talk about the Yankees... that's bad enough with people's passion for this game and our team. But this is what we do, and so, I can handle this part of it.  Politics? Not here... until today and today only.  And it has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with celebrating a BYB writer and friend who made a leap and hopefully it sticks... because the guys good.

Mike O'Hara was on a show called the FOX News Specialists this past week.  Here's a clip of that.

If you see him on twitter, give him a shout and congratulate him.  This could be a second career for the dude.  He was quite good.

Mike's on Twitter: @mikeyoh21.

Mike, now that you're a big time TV guy... don't be a stranger! We still love your words on the pages of Bleeding Yankee Blue!

Happy Sunday everyone.

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