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I know it's kind of old school these days to suggest that the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry is still alive, but in my world, the Boston Red Sox always get me all fired up.  The mere symbol of the stitched red socks makes my blood boil. And after having to endure two nights of baseball nightmares, I can honestly say that the Yankees and their antics are getting me all fired up too. In just under six hours last night, the Yankees got it done, but not without a lot drama and fatigue.

"They (the Yankees) have now lost 19 of (27) and they had seen themselves start falling away from the Red Sox in the American League East. Even if it’s not necessarily (Joe) Girardi’s fault and a bunch of the guys who outperformed expectations in the first half end up tanking in the second half, the fanbase may start calling for the head of the manager who hasn’t gotten the Yankees to a playoff series since 2012," reported Brendan Kuty via

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For me, I have hit rock bottom as well, choosing to wear pineapple sunglasses as Didi Gregorius got up in the top of the 16th with runners in scoring position and broke the 1-1 tie.  And just as the Bombers picked up three runs, taking the lead 4-1, I uttered the words, "I'm not sure it's enough." Yea, I'm fired up about the Yankees, the Red Sox and the fact that we are dropping down in the standings at a rapid pace.  I need to find some optimism and I believe I will once we find some pitching.

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According to Brendan Kuty of, "Chance Adams is the Yankees’ best healthy pitching prospect who’s also close to the majors. He’s at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre with a 6-3 record and a 2.50 ERA in 11 starts. In its midseason top 100 prospects update, Baseball America had Adams at No. 52. He was unranked going into the season."  Many of us have suggested that Adams could bring some needed relief, but he's not the solution to the problem alone.

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The Yankees need consistency all around...starting pitching, closing pitching...and they need to believe they can win again.  Perhaps, they found some sense of this last night but, we can't win on hopes and dreams alone.  We have to make some moves if we are going to stay in it.  Why wait for 2018 if we can do it this year? Only three other teams in the American League have better records than us. 18 innings tomorrow in a double header at Fenway may just be enough to get the Yankees as fired up as I am right now.  Wow, this was a therapeutic post, guys!  Thanks for listening to the rant.


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