Monday, July 31, 2017


While it's fresh in my mind, I just want to share my thoughts on this latest acquisition of Jaime Garcia.  In a nutshell... and it's just my opinion... this is spit and glue on a big open bleeding wound. That's right... it's my feeling that it's not a great get.

You can't have starters going 4 plus, and then use the pen the rest of the way every single game, especially this far into the season. If they do, they'll be spent by late August. We need to be smarter or keep working with the kids we have. Hey, maybe we do need Sonny Gray, and if the A's ask for a mid-line prospect, I'd go as far as throw in Jacoby Ellsbury too, and eat 3/4th of his damn salary.

Photo: SI
Look, my overall point is stay the course! The Yankees are ahead of schedule with our kids! No need to ship off solid prospects for a glorified a Carl Pavano or Estaeban Loaiza type-rental. I feel like Jaime Garcia is exactly that!

Give Chance a Chance. Let Justus have his day in court! Jaime Garcia? Come on, man!

  --Mike O'Hara
BYB Contributor
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