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Don't kill the messenger, but there is talk that the Yankees could shop Gleyber Torres.  Now, thinking about how that sounds, makes me sick.  The kid went down to an awful injury, perhaps moments before he would be called up to the Big Leagues.  And now, there's talk of shopping him?

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"The San Diego Padres, (are) still seeking their shortstop of the future, and are said to have asked the New York Yankees about top prospect Gleyber Torres," reported Jon Heyman on Thursday.  And you ask, for what in return?  Now before I share this, I have to reference a discussion point between my son and myself on Friday evening.  It is our opinion that the San Diego Padres is the MLB team where guys head out to pasture: a dead zone, much like the Sacramento Kings for the NBA.  The mere thought of him being dealt is disturbing enough, but to the Padres?

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According to Heyman, "Padres GM A.J. Preller didn’t return a text, and Yankees GM Brian Cashman declined comment specifically on Torres, saying only that “teams are interested in a lot of our prospects.”  Now just because the Padres asked for Torres, doesn't mean the Yankees have any interest in trading him.  No harm is asking, I suppose.  But, the Yankees do have an interest in beefing up its relief pitchers and 27-year-old left hander Brad Hand seems to be a possibility.  I might add, not for Torres even if they threw in Yangervis Solarte.  Fox announcers mentioned during the game on Saturday that the Yankees are in fact one starting pitcher from being in serious contention.

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As far as Torres, recall that he had an season-ending injury resulting in Tommy John surgery only recently and the Yankees aren’t about to trade a “potential perennial All-Star” for a mediocre relief pitcher in Hand," said Heyman.  Just reporting what's being tossed around the blogosphere.

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July is heating up with trade talks and Yankee prospects.  If we are going to stay competitive and in it, we have some decisions to make.  By the way, the Red Sox also have an interest in Hand...just saying, we have to make some decisions.  Could the Yankees be shopping Clint Frazier after bringing him up for his Big League debut?

Time will tell.

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