Sunday, July 9, 2017


It's been exciting time in the Bronx.  Yes, the Bombers have hit the skids recently, but the excitement remains. Look at yesterday! It's not something we've seen much of in the past 20 some years, but it's here now, so let's live it up shall we?

As Yankee fans we expect to win all the time...whether rationally or not, it's just how we were raised in this family of a fan base.  This year is no different except we are looking at the Yanks with more hopeful eyes.  We are seeing the kids play and dreaming of the next crop of Pinstriped Legends. 

Names like Jeter, Rivera, Posada and Pettitte have given way to the likes of Judge, Frazier, Sanchez and Bird, It's a new day, a new beginning...a NEW, New York Yankee Baseball.  This new class is showing up in a big way and proving it IS their time.  Watching the Yankees play is now a must see again!

There is nothing like your "Cup of Coffee Call".  No matter what you do in life we all will have one (or many) in our own careers.  It's a chance to prove you can do your chosen craft at the highest level in the game.  Whether you're a teacher given a chance to University Professor, or a hard working cop who made it to detective, our hope is that that phone rings with a chance.  

Recently I had what was one of a handful of "Cup of Coffee Calls" and appeared on a TV show, the FOX News Specialist. I mean sure, I've had more than a few "calls" in my run, but  unfortunately for me I wasn't able to get the stars to line up just right.  SNL called.  I was inches from my dream job and my life changing forever...alas, it wasn't to be.  I had a short run working as a host for Major League Baseball...that ball hooked foul. 

I played with a heck of a band and we shared stages with some of the best...but, we remained in Triple A.  Hey, I'm not upset.  I believe that things happen according to a bigger plan than we can comprehend at times.  You roll with the punches, turn losses into lessons and prep for the next shot (KNOWING you'll have one.  Never doubt it.).

The bottom line truth is no one does it alone.  You need help.  It takes a coach or scout that believes in you and what you bring to the table.  You'll need teammates that have your back and push you to never let go of your goals and dreams.  It is paramount that you also be your #1 fan, be tough on yourself, but NEVER second guess or talk yourself out of the game.

And so, back to that "Cup of Coffee Call". I was fortunate enough to know a guy who has been a scout, coach and friend to me.  And he was able to help me get that call. That call that said "Tell O'Hara to get up and throwing."  That call came when I admittedly had seconded guessed myself into thinking I was a career busher.  Despite doing all I could and trying every road on my map, I haven't made good on the promise I made to myself, family and friends. 

It opened my eyes... It showed me that there ALWAYS is another road.  Perhaps your path looks more like Aaron Judge.  You find your footing and skyrocket to your own section in right field.  Or maybe you deal with the bumps and bruises of a Shane Spencer.  You labor in the Bus Leagues for what seems like an eternity, watching friends head up the show.  No matter the timeline, NEVER Stop walking your road.  Someone will notice you.  Play like Joe D!  Work like Jeets! Stay composed like Mo!

And so, I was given a shot, and I think I made the most of my shot last week and it was wild. And I wonder if there will be more shots like that, because Lord knows it woke me up! Yes, I'm longer in the tooth than the kid that did Adam Sandler and Stone Cold Steve Austin impressions for Lorne Michaels...but my game is the same.  I CAN still reach back and find the 93mph heater. 

I CAN throw the hammer from the cap to the shoelaces when I need to.  I still love the game, the ups, the downs and those maddening, but exciting  "Cup of Coffee Calls". 

Is there a future for me on FNC? Maybe? In fact, I hope so, cause I gotta tell you, it's something I will never forget. But you know what? I wouldn't have ever thought a moment like that could exist, until I realized it could.  

Never stop following your dreams no matter what. Sure, it may not be the moment you envisioned, but life takes you through different paths all the time, and this one took me to happiness... and I'm looking forward to more.

** This was, and remains, my pre-game focus/warm up song.  It's something about Joe's voice.  He seems to sing from that place that tells you, "Stay in it, kid! **

  --Mike O'Hara
BYB Contributor
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