Sunday, June 4, 2017


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Nothing better than when the Yankees give a good 'ol ass kicking to a AL East team.  But as a fellow Yankee fan said to me today, "I kinda love it when the Mets get a good 'ol ass kicking."  Yes, me too along with the Red Sox, Orioles and all those other American League teams.  “To me,’’ a veteran scout told The Post on Saturday, “the Yankees are the most fun team in the game right now. They’re a blast to watch.’’ So, whether they are kicking a team's ass or coming back from behind, the Yankees are best team to watch in baseball today.

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When this year's team scores runs, they mean it.  Saturday's game saw Brett Gardner hit his 12th home run of the year in the eighth inning followed by Matt Holliday, Starlin Castro and Didi Gregorius who hit back-to-back-to-back solo shots.  This all against Toronto's reliever Jason Grilli. Now that's a butt kicking if I ever saw it.


And if they aren't scoring runs, they are thinking about scoring runs.  Take the duo of Holliday and Gardner, who Michael Kay deemed the Bald Brothers; they are always chatting it up about who is going to get the first hit or home run of the game. "Apparently nothing's officially on the line other than bragging rights in a game of home run derby that's developed between two of the Yankees veteran leaders, left fielder Brett Gardner and designated hitter Matt Holliday," reported earlier in the week.  "The loser should have to grow his hair out for a month," Gardner said with a laugh. "Nobody wants to see that!" The Bald Bros are thinking about kicking some ass with the long ball and I love it!

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And if they aren't scoring runs or thinking about scoring runs, they are dreaming about scoring runs...the kind of runs that will earn them World Series Championship #28.  “It’s a nice blend of veterans and young guys, and our young guys all play the game really hard and it means a lot to them. I’ve been really impressed how much it means to them. They all want to be great. We talk baseball a lot, we hang out away from the field a lot, it’s just been a lot of fun. It’s come together really well," said Holliday after Saturday's win.  

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And if they aren't scoring runs, thinking about scoring runs, and dreaming about scoring runs, they are saving runs with Aaron Judge stretching his glove across the outfield or in the stands or Didi Gregorius catching a scorcher at short stop and with pure arm strength gunning down the runner at first.

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Yes, it's true, the 2017 Yankee team can give a good 'ol ass kicking and that makes they incredible to watch.  “We’re having fun and we’re playing the game the right way,’’ Judge said. “I’m just having a blast," reported the Post on Saturday.  Let's give another good ass kicking today, fellas, and bring that ass kicking back to the Bronx to serve up to the Red Sox and O's later next week.

Happy Sunday!

--Suzie Pinstripe
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