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May 29, 2017 - Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America
There is no question that 2017 is a great season for the New York Yankees and all the youth that is finally up and contributing.  Not to mention, guys like Didi Gregorius, Starlin Castro, and team leaders Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia

May 15, 2017 - Source: Brian Davidson/Getty Images North America
The formula is truly wonderful to see.  Every night there is a great mashing of the baseball, and pitching, even some nights like last where it can be a bit shaky... doesn't matter, the offense tries it's best to pick the team up.

Someone emailed me a 2 nights ago and asked me a very significant and important question.  One that could probably turn the tide as far as BYB readership.  I wanted to share it with you...

"Hey Casey,

Why don't you ever do recaps of the games? You are the one site I read religiously, but I go elsewhere when I want to read about the game the night before?  I KNOW you are busy, but can't one of your other writers do it for you?  I love you guys! "   -Stacey

Well, first of all, you're adorable. Thanks for the note and the kind words. 

Secondly, quite simply... it is true... I am busy, but my whole team is busy.  We all have schedules and deadlines and jobs and kids these days.  When I started Bleeding Yankee Blue in September 2010, I had not as many responsibilities as I do right now.  I work later hours these days, I get up earlier. I'm usually away every weekend with kid sports... my life has been insane, and yes, I'm not the only one. 

Jeana Bellezza is engaged these days, so she's running around planning her future.  Suzie Pinstripe is a graduate and busy with her life and family. 

Dan Lucia's swamped with work, Barry Millman has a very specific sked I can't mess with and so I don't.  Mike O'Hara is Mike O'Hara, celebrity, singer, now dad.  The point is we're growing up.  Sounds nuts, but we have a ton going on.   And so yes... some times writing recaps is the last thing we want to do.

And so I will just tell you plain and simple.  The Yankees are great.  The Yankees are on fire and the Yankees are exciting to watch!

(June 1, 2017 - Source: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America)
Aaron Judge has been a dream come true.  Who would have thought that he would be so incredible this year.  Couple that with a guy like Matt Holliday who is just so much fun to see in pinstripes.  A leader. A team player... a guy I wish we signed years ago!

The other side to this is I'm superstitious too, you know.  While I love writing about my Yankees... some times I feel like if we say too much here about winning streaks and rolling over the division, I somehow jinx the team... and so, I personally step back a bit too.

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Don't get me wrong, we will always celebrate the Yankees here and we have.  We post a story or 2 nearly every day.  It's what I promised when BYB started to get rolling a while back.  There is no question our voice is longing to be heard and so we provide something, but I'm a stickler and I don't just want what everyone else does.  I want us to be unique, and so... those stupid stat pieces? Go somewhere else for that.  And Yes... a recap? While it's missed, Stacey... it's not our priority. I'm really sorry about that. Maybe in the future... let's see what happens. 

Anyway... I hope you can understand that.  BYB is the equivalent to a Mom and Pop shop. We're not Amazon, and there's a part of me that never wants that to change because the banter and relationships I have built here are so much more valuable to me than being some money making tycoon.  I am not that guy.  I believe in the product and the creativity of BYB first.  Not feeding you the same stuff every day.

Yes... it is true... the Yankees are hot and fighters and we are thrilled to be apart of that journey with you for as long as we have been.  But please stay true to loyalty and understand what we have here and what we are trying to accomplish.  Some days it not about spewing out the same stuff as everyone else.  Many days it's about quality.  If you can understand that, we appreciate it very much.

Stacey, thanks for the note, if you are reading this... write me back... I'm gonna send you out a couple BYB shirts... on me!

Happy Saturday!

Be Read. Get Known.

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