Friday, June 23, 2017


The Yankees aren't a force like they were earlier in the season, and they lost last night again. This time Dellin Betances fell apart.

Look, I'm not gonna get into some kind of break down of what the Yankees did or didn't do.  What you need to know if they lost the game, and if you want to see the standings... here they are.

The story is this tiny nugget that came from the Angels on social media:
Now, look... that's funny. Gotta admit it. Sure you don't want to see the Yanks lose, or our coveted Aaron Judge get a mild razzing, but that's what happens when organizations praise their players publicly... you get it back once in a while.

Sure, not a big story, but a fun one.  The best part? Judge is such a class act, he'll let that one roll off.

Happy Friday.  Let's hope the Yankees can turn it around.

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