Monday, June 5, 2017


And I love it.  Hank's on the loose!

   (Christian Red/New York Daily News)
New York Daily News has some great quotes about the Yankees and Hank Steinbrenner and his thoughts on their fight to win a championship this year and what will be needed!  Love when Hank speaks to the media!

Here's a portion of that:

"Hank warned not to count the club out of contending for a World Series title in 2017.

'I wasn't dis-confident for this year. I've told everybody, 'Look, we're going to do alright this year. We're gonna be even better next year. Maybe by a mile.' As it turns out, we're doing really good this year with a mix of the young players and the veterans who we have now,' said Steinbrenner, the older brother of Hal Steinbrenner, who is the organization’s managing general partner and the more visible Steinbrenner face with regard to ownership. “'I still think it will be even better next year. But that's not to say, ‘You never know.’ I mean even though Houston right now looks like the '27 Yankees or maybe the '65 Dodgers, you never know this year. I'm not saying it couldn't happen this year. It sure as s--- could.'...

'We're greedy. We want to win this year. It'd be great to win the championship this year. Obviously we're (32-22). They're playing great as a team'...

'We'll never (trade away prospects). I didn't want to do that in the '80s. But there was somebody that disagreed with me,' Steinbrenner joked, referring to his father. 'Yeah we lost (Doug) Drabek and (Jose) Rijo and guys like that that I loved. That happens. I've always been against that. We traded a ton of prospects away in the '70s too.'”

Look, it's clear that Hal and family don't let Hank out much, because there is one thing that Hank does that not a lot of the others do... and that's be open and honest.  That's what gets the guy in trouble.  But I love it once in a while... it's refreshing.

I had to share this. Hope you enjoy it.

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