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Or maybe he will. No one knows... and that's the truth.

The whole thing with Masahiro Tanaka is that the Yankees want him to work out his problems and if that means he's in games to do that... so be it.  There's a feeling that it's about consistency and not injury and they are convinced they need to work through that.  I have no problem with it... especially seeing how the Yankees have been doing this season.

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There is this feeling though that the Yankees should just suddenly replace him with Chance Adams.  Hey, I'm all for youth and definitely Adams, but what the hell are we doing here? Tanaka is still our starter.  We just turn him over to the trash after a bad spurt? Why? Even pitchers have slumps, folks.  You sitting on your coach acting like GM is silly.  What do fans really know? Not much or we'd be doing the job.

Now there are other ideas with alittle more Bigs experience as well.  And while everyone wants Adams... the Yankees probably won't go there... yet. has this:

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"While Adams might be the most talented option, there are a few other arms that might be smarter choices.

Right-hander Chad Green is already on the Yankees' 25-man roster, so he wouldn't require a roster move. And he's been quite good...

there's right-hander Bryan Mitchell. He's got plenty of big-league experience and he's slated to start Saturday for Triple-A....

Then there are a pair of longer shots. Domingo German, a 24-year-old righty, has pitched well at Triple-A and is on the 40-man roster. And Yefrey Ramirez.... has done the same at Double-A. He's on the 40-man roster, too, but, yeah, we're just thinking outside the box."

Now let's be honest... the idea of Green and Mitchell, 2 of my least favorite temporary replacements makes a ton of sense, just not to me.  But German? Ramirez? Kind of silly if you ask me.  If Green and Mitchell wouldn't deliver, it would have to be Adams.  There needs to be some sort of pecking order.

But wait... let's not replace Tanaka yet. 

Bottom line, let him try and work out the consistency kinks.  Who knows... Sunday could be the day he finally figures it out.

Stay tuned...

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