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So maybe that is a bit dramatic, but a this point I have had enough.

It's been awhile since I have reached my boiling point with the bullpen specifically. In fact, the last time I got this fired up over a reliever was back in the days of Chris Capuano. It got so bad that eventually called him Chris CRAPUANO. Thank goodness he is gone...but now I have someone new that has replaced him.

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I don't understand how all of the wheels of this kick ass Yankees team have managed to all fall off at the same time. The Yankees looked lifeless on Tuesday night. The excitement over home runs by Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge (24th!!!) were completely deflated after Tyler Clippard's latest blunder.

I get that every once in a while guy are going to give up some runs or blow a lead. It happens, it's baseball and these guys are human. What I don't get is why Joe Girardi has so much faith in this guy. I watched him long before he was ever a Yankee and I wasn't a fan then either. Clippard is just a hot mess.

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This was the third time Clippard allowed the game-tying or go-ahead home run to the first batter he's pitched to in his last seven outings. Ummmm.....hi.....that's REALLY bad. If Girardi's binder doesn't tell him next time "HEY DON'T PUT CLIPPARD IN THIS ISN'T A GOOD MATCHUP FOR HIM" next time then we are screwed. If this doesn't make the Yankees completely lose faith in him I don't think anything will.

Clippard left a 78 mph meatball for Cameron Maybin in the 7th inning which turned into a tie game. But of course, the train wreck didn't end there he then gave up a double to Kole Calhoun and an RBI triple to Yunel Escobar in the same inning. When it was all said and done he was pulled (too late) to a loud exit of "boo" birds. Clippard wasn't the only reliever to implode and I won't say he is the ONLY one to blame but right now he is the only one I want to scream at.

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Oh, and the other thing I don't get? Girardi's refusal to use his best reliever for more than one inning! Dellin Betances is going to pitch one inning and one inning only. Forget the high pressure or game changing scenarios. Girardi won't use the best reliever with the best chance to preserve a lead before getting to Aroldis Chapman. NO! Let's just use meatball throwing Clippard!

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This seven-game losing streak is their first in ten years and now the longest losing streak in the American League this season. Not a good stat to own. The Yankees really need to re-evaluate a lot of things including the bullpen and upgrading Clippard before it is too late. This is where we need a veteran to stand up, use some command presence and be a leader. It's time to right the ship. We need to start winning again. We need a Jorge Posada team meeting because we ARE better than this.

Oh and Clippard just needs to HIT THE ROAD JACK! And don't come back. At this point, I think Clifford the Big Red Dog is by far more entertaining and useful than Clippard is. That is another sad stat. At least he doesn't blow baseball games.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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