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The Yankees have a lot of issues to solve right now, especially if they want to upgrade the roster to position themselves for a run in the playoffs. Pitching has been a big focus lately. The Yankees need help with starting pitching but since they have been so ineffective the bullpen is just burned out and needs some middle relief help. It's unusual to hear Yankee brass and Joe Girardi on very different pages.....and right now they are.

Brian Cashman and Yankee brass are looking for ways to upgrade the pitching, but Joe Girardi has asked them to go another direction and look for another first base option, ready that HERE. Girardi has spent a lot of time defending him all season, and then suddenly that stopped on Tuesday night after the game. After Chris Carter's second inning error on a routine play gave up two runs and then going 0-3 at the plate Girardi actually pulled him for pinch hitter Austin Romine.

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Then after the game when he was asked about the performance coming from Carter at first base he responded with “That’s what we have.” “That’s what we have.” That stings a little and it's not a typical Girardi answer. That is the answer from a manager with no confidence.

So we've all been saying it, the Yankees need another option at first base since it sounds like Greg Bird won't be back anytime soon. For now, Cashman sounds like they are going to hold with Carter but says "I think he's in line with it" in regards to Girardi's request. For now, Cashman says sticking with Carter over Tyler Austin or anyone else "an organizational decision." 

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So for now, I guess we keep searching and it at least sounds like Cashman will look until he sees something that he and Yankee leadership both like. "I think he'd like to come up with a better option, but we don't (have one), so he's asked the questions, which is normal. Listen, at first base we are at the bottom of the production list for the position despite entering the season thinking we had more than enough coverage. But that's baseball. Joe wants to impact that win column like we all do. So we'll focus on getting what we have right and trying to get them to maximize their potential because they haven't reached it in pinstripes -- at least in Carter's case. And if there are alternatives that are easily acceptable and declare themselves, I'm all-in."

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I seriously hope an acceptable alternative presents itself soon because I can't take much more of Carter. I really hope that at some point Austin gets his shot because we are such huge fans of Wonderboy. He may not be ready now and I guess I have to continue to trust in their judgment with Austin.....but Carter being the best option for us right now is a completely different story.

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