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I have never seen anything like it.  Seriously, Tyler Clippard has to be the sorriest looking pitcher on the hill right now.  And when he said that the fans have a right to be angry, he is right.  He absolutely choked on Saturday after being placed in the 9th inning hole by Joe Girardi who was hoping to snap his funk.

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"He coughed up four runs in the ninth inning to kill any chances the Yankees had in an 8-1 loss to the Rangers. Granted, Clippard came into the game already down 4-1, with Girardi looking for opportunities to get the 32-year-old back on track," reported the NY Post.

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But this seems to be Clippard's MO, at least of late.  He has more than doubled his ERA over his last three outings from 2.22 to 4.85.  These kinds of performances are not acceptable for a team who is battling for first place and who has the charisma of a championship team from yesteryear.

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With Old Timers Day upon us, the Yankees 71st of its kind, I hope that the legends that take the field bring some much needed champion magic back to this year's team and back to Clippard who wears Catfish Hunter's number across his back.

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“They have a right,” Clippard said. “They have a right to boo me. I’m pitching terrible right now. It is what it is. This is a city that demands excellence. I realize that. It is what it is.”

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I think what gets me is that confused look on Clippard's face every time he makes a mistake.  He looks shocked, almost like he got busted with his fingers in the cookie jar and now has to face the consequences.  “I know I’ve been through some trouble in my career . . . I’ve had some bad times and I’ve had a lot of good times. It can’t get any worse. Hopefully, there’s some good times to come," reported Newsday.

And if Clippard doesn't have good times in his near future, I hope the team and media stop babying the guy and they send him down for the next guy in who can help us win ball games, not lose them. Honestly, I have seen enough and we, the fans, deserve a much needed break.  Besides, I am eating way too much ice cream over this guy.  For health's sake...Clippard, please take a vacation and get your head on straight.  Yanks lose a big one at home 8-1 with the rubber game later today following Old Timers' Day.

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