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As Memorial Day weekend approaches, everything seems right in Yankeeland for the most part. As of this story, the Yankees stand at 27-17 and are in first place in the AL East. Sure, there are some concerns, mostly the pitching of course, this Yankee team has been better than most predicted.

Pretty soon we will be hearing trade rumors and there will be a ton of speculation as to what the Yankees should and need to do. Who should we keep? Who should we trade and for whom should we be traded for? As the trade deadline approaches, all eyes will be on Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner.   

Photo: New York Daily News
According to this piece in the New York Daily News, Cashman's biggest job will be convincing Hal to part with some prospects...

"For all the praise Brian Cashman received for the prospect haul he brought back in trades last summer, his top accomplishment may well have been convincing Hal Steinbrenner the time had come to sell — especially when Randy Levine was in the owner’s other ear, arguing to the contrary."

Photo: USA Today
As it stands right now things look pretty damn good in the Bronx. The Yankees have a 2 1/2 game lead over the Orioles in the AL East. What's even better is Boston, who, before the season were the overwhelming favorites, but not right now.  Instead, 3rd place... and 3 1/2 games out. We have seen some great plays as well as some boneheaded ones.

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We've seen everything from a bloop single to a monster home run from our bats. The offense though can only carry you so far. Once again... pitching is the issue.  They need to be consistent.

Now look, I'm not advocating trading away the entire farm so that they can win today! I don't believe they really need to necessarily. I think, they can win with the team they field now... my opinion of course. Though I also believe if they don't get another starter that can pitch on a consistent basis and give them quality innings, things may not look as good in September as they do right now. Eventually the bullpen will break down and be ineffective. In fact, we may have already witnessed that to some degree.

In the end, someone may need to go.  Maybe it's Rob Refsnyder.  Maybe Clint Frazier. Who really knows. But listen... very soon we will find out.  Until then though, let all the speculation and suggestions flow. That's all part of the fun of being a fan anyway... isn't it?

--Michael Carnesi
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