Friday, May 12, 2017


If you haven't already seen it, make sure it's on a loop on your phone, because Budweiser did it! I've literally watched this commercial below a dozen times today and I'll continue through Mother's Day. 

Derek Jeter is simply the greatest Yankee in recent history and we witnessed it folks. Enjoy this... love this...

Sunday Derek get's #2 retired as a New York Yankee.  It will then be official.  I can't wait to watch the ceremony Sunday.

Oh... and by the way, I just want to clarify some things.  2 nights ago I wrote a piece about Jeet.  It was titled SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA SMILE AND DEAL WITH IT, DEREK!

The story was about respect, not just for these world class athletes, but for the folks, adults and kids that want to meet them.  I explained that my son's perception of Jeter as a person is much different than he ever imagined, be it because Jeter was having a bad day, or just felt stressed by the packed room of spectators, or whatever.  Whatever happened in Derek's mind that night, I'll never know, but strangely I understood his rushed, half-ignoring 8 second visit with my son.  That being said, I felt like that still wasn't an excuse.  Players are role models whether they want to be one in a moment with a kid or not. In the end, while we love Derek Jeter, the player... the 1st impression my son got from him as a person, wasn't too good.

But that being said, I just want you haters to understand something about me.  BYB was built on honesty.  The story about my son was important because it allows people who have this perception that all athletes are pleasant and friendly to open their eyes a bit.  Derek Jeter messed up that night and the view my son and I have about him is much different now than before we met him.  But understand me very clearly... if you ever think a note like the one below is OK... I will find you and I will make sure you understand just how horrible of a person you are... loser.

"You and your son can go to hell. You are ruining the name of a great Yankee. you asshole."

Right.  Me, one of the nicer, more respectful fans in the world has no grip on reality and is an asshole. Oh, and my son should go to hell. Wonderful.  Stay away from BYB, douchebag, you're sick and clearly need a life. This is the type of fan that wears a #2 jersey every day of his life, lives with his mother and obsesses about this team like it's life and death.

That, my friends defines what most of you thought of my son's meeting with Derek Jeter, it's just that that idiot thought he'd let me know in a threatening note.  Others commented on FB and we had a pretty pleasant dialog.  In the end, most of you respect my opinion and I respect most of you. Remember something here; I'm not tarnishing Jeter's rep.  He did it himself that night.  I don't hate him... no one should.  But you can't undo what was done... no biggie, life goes on. My kid's a big boy.

Bottom line, Jeter's number will be retired on Mother's Day and it's well deserved. He is a top notch athlete and he did amazing things while playing baseball for the New York Yankees.  We will all be watching and thanking him Sunday!  And yes, my son and I will too, because in the end... it's about RE2PECT... and respect goes both ways... remember that.

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