Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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2 of the guys that I was really hoping to see and root hard for this year were Aroldis Chapman and Greg Bird.  But with them on the shelf... I can't do that.

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I mean, luckily for us, the Yankees are winning.  Starlin Castro, Didi Gregorius and Aaron Judge are making me very happy. Don't get me wrong.  I mean, yes, I'd like to see better consistency from our pitching. The rotation makes me nervous.  I'm not the only one either. Our BYB pal Joey Moses... a Bleeding Yankee Blue fanatic and a Yankee fan to boot texted me this about our pitching the other day:

I know, many of you feel the same. That being said... I'm getting off track, aren't I?

Chapman and Bird... that's where I was going with this.  They are still injured and I want them back!  NJ.com has a good short piece about them and their progress in their rehabs.  Check this out:

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"Bird, bothered by a right ankle bone bruise all year, has been on the disabled list since May 2. Manager Joe Girardi said reports he's received on the 24-year-old have been good since the Yankees have been on the road.

Bird started light running recently and could begin hitting soon, Girardi said...

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Chapman has been on the disabled list since May 14 with an inflamed left rotator cuff.

He said he'd been feeling pain in the joint since at least mid-April, though he repeatedly told reporters he was fine despite occasional dips in velocity and control problems. General manager Brian Cashman said he never told the team of any issues."

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Now, both stories are unique and to be honest, I found it interesting that Chapman didn't voice anything about pain.  It makes me alittle angry.  Now I understand wanting the ball and wanting to help contribute, but being hurt and playing doesn't help anyone.

Bird? He'll be back but I just don't see him returning any time soon.  Chapman? Well, this pain thing annoys and worries me in the same breath.  I hope it's nothing too serious... and I hope it doesn't become some kind of scandal. I really want these guys right.

Anyway... alittle update on our injured guys.  Go Yanks!

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