Thursday, May 25, 2017


BYB is done.  We've accomplished everything. We're closing shop. It's over, we conquered everything ever that we wanted to accomplish... thanks all... (Curtain falls). 

KIDDING, take a chill pill.  I still have more to do...

Just wanted to publically thank Bryan Hoch for taking a chance and following BYB on Twitter.  He's a solid reporter, one of the best out there, and in my little world of personally liking a few really, really good writers, like Pete Caldera, Pete Abraham, Eric Boland, Ken Davidoff, Wally Matthews, Jack Curry, Bob Klapisch... Hoch is right there.

So this is a thank you.  Thanks to all those guys.  Without those writers in my life, Bleeding Yankee Blue would never have become a thing. 

We were inspired because we had an idea.  We wanted to talk about the New York Yankees... but we wanted to talk about family and life and expand to a much different audience thanstat nerds and jerks. 

 We found that audience that no one tapped into, more women than men and we are doing our best to present good and solid stories with the help of giving shout-outs to many fine reporters out there in our reporting.  To me, it's about giving back to the reporters that helped me, even if they never realized it in their own careers! Those sports reporters are important to me personally. 

We love our fans and BYB friends! All of it inspired by the great writers out there!

So thanks Bryan Hoch.

You don't happy croon like my man, Caldera too... do you?

Love Caldera! Simply the best! 

Happy Thursday!

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