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(May 5, 2017 - Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)    
That's Ken Davidoff's word from his column in the New York Post about Aaron Hicks and his contribution to the rout of the Yankees over the Cubs in that 11-6 win. "Bigly".  The win is bigly for this Yankees club... but more so... it looks like Hicks is trying to make a move as an everyday player.  And the position? Maybe it's centerfield.

Davidoff writes:

(May 5, 2017 - Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)    
"Hicks, the Yankees’ fourth outfielder in name, contributed bigly to the Yankees’ 11-6 pounding of the Cubs at Wrigley Field, another milepost in this increasingly startling campaign. As the starting center fielder, Hicks tied a career high with four hits, contributing two singles, a double and a three-run homer. For the season, the second-year Yankee now owns a ridiculous .355/.468/.710 slash line.

'We’ve talked about rotating these guys and finding time for Hicksy,' manager Joe Girardi acknowledged after the game. “He has played well all year.'

'I’m just going to be ready for the opportunities that I get,' Hicks said. 'Of course, the better you play, the more opportunities you’re going to get.'”

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Well, look, the idea is right about more playing time, but not when it comes to the New York Yankees and we all know this.  Ellsbury is getting paid very well and as you have seen on this club for years, those big money contracts usually don't move from their position, even if that player is stinking up the joint. I'm not saying Ellsbury sucks... I'm saying Hicks is very good, and he is definitely trying to get into that 'every day' player role. I love the drive, folks... I'm not gonna lie.

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Bottom line, Davidoff's column brings me hope.  I would love to see Hicks playing every day and we need to milk that stone as long as we can, because he's been handling that role very well.

We'll have to see what happens... but I gotta tell ya, the way the Yanks have been playing... the way Hicks has been playing, I can't help but root for the guy.

Nice work today Kenny.

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