Thursday, May 25, 2017


I love when players play hard.  It shows they are determined to not only help their team win, but will sacrifice himself because he knows that somewhere in that season, his teammates will do the same for him.  It's gorgeous and tragic all in the same ball... pardon the pun.

Poor Jacoby Ellsbury.  I wish injury on no one. This is pretty sad and I hope he fully recovers... a concussion is no joke. has the story:

"Joe Girardi's never doubted Ellsbury's will to win, which was on display on the first pitch of Wednesday night's game at Yankee Stadium when he crashed into the center-field wall face first robbing Kansas City Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar of extra bases.

'He plays to win,' Girardi said.

Ellsbury looked out of it getting checked by head athletic trainer Steve Monahan and Girardi, but passed the initial tests (which included smelling salts) and talked his way into staying in the game.

For a few minutes."

Now look, it's scary and no joke. We as Little League coaches need to go through all the signs and what to look for and pulling kids even if we suspect there's an inkling of an issue.  Yanks did the right thing pulling him. 

Ellsbury will be out for a bit... feel better, Gamer!

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